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The main activity of Krivaja Translations is the translation from English into Dutch of books and magazine articles on science and mathematics. This varies from translations of general scientific works on the latest developments in physics, such as 'The Fabric of the Cosmos' by Brian Greene and 'Warped Passages' by Lisa Randall, to very practical text books, such as 'Java for Students' by Mike Bell and Douglas Parr, and 'An Engineer's Guide to Technical Communication' by Sheryl Sorby and William Bulleit. Krivaja Translations also reviews and advises on book translations by others, such as 'The pleasure of finding things out' by Richard Feynman. Click here for a list of all major projects.

Other translation projects of Krivaja Translations are educational animations (for Filmwerk (Arnhem, The Netherlands) and eduMedia (France)), software documentation such as SAP documents (for Assima DACG (Germany)), and manuals for consumer electronics (for Ahead International (Hengelo, The Netherlands)).

Krivaja Translations translates not only from English into Dutch, but also from Russian and Swedish into Dutch and English. We also have an extensive network of fellow translators with expertise in other language combinations. Krivaja Translations uses MetaTexis and Swordfish (CAT-tools, both compatible with Trados and DejaVu), and also Abbyy Finereader and Abbyy PDF Transformer (for conversion of documents from pdf-format into Word and vice versa).

Sidestep: bridge

One of my favorite pastimes is contract bridge, which I learnt when I was thirteen. The picture on the left was taken during a national youth tournament in 1976. Nowadays, as a member of Bridgeclub De Boerderie in Enschede, I still play bridge twice a week and I also play online bridge on Stepbridge and Bridge Base Online. I am also an NBB-licensed bridge teacher and from time to time I give workshops on card play technique.

In the spring of 2008 I could combine work and hobby in translating the second edition of Bridge for Dummies (reviewed by the Dutch top rank player Henk Willemsens).


Short history

Krivaja Translations is founded in 1999 by Marianne Kerkhof. It is a one-woman business, but there are active collaborations, e.g. with SmarterScience and ElegAnt Solutions. Krivaja is the Russian word for 'curve' (as reflected in the logo). Originally, the focus of the business was translating technical and scientific articles from Russian into Dutch and English. However, the translations from English science and text books offered more opportunities than merely translating Russian, therefore they have become the main activity.

Background Marianne Kerkhof

Founder has studied mathematics with technical Russian as a subsidiary subject. She has a PhD in technical physics and has worked for several years as a teacher in mathematics and computing science. Meanwhile, she has completed NTI-courses in Swedish, Spanish and Portuguese. For a résumé click here.


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